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Bilet Șansă offers you free daily 2/3 and 3/4 match ticket proposals depending on the sports betting offer. I recommend you to play the tickets on the internet at the online bookmakers recommended by us. Have you never bet online? I recommend this guide .

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20 Ianuarie 2019
Avalanșă de cote mărite în weekend-ul 19-20 ianuarie 2019 1. Brugges vs Charleroi – Belgia Jupiler League – Brugges -1HA – Cota 1,85, ora 15:30 PIERDUT Scor 0-1 Brugges a pierdut contactul cu prima clasată care s-a dus la 10 puncte astfel că o victorie cu Charleroi este absolut necesară. Pe teren propriu Brugges merge excelent, cu 30 de goluri marcate în 10 meciuri și întâlnește o formație care nu merge strălucit în partidele de afa... Vezi mai mult

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Dear friends, bettors from all over the country… I'm sure 99% of you were hit sooner or later by the "curse" I DIDN'T GET A SINGLE MATCH! AND I LOST ONE SINGLE MATCH !!! .... If you did not encounter this problem, you probably played only 4-5 tickets to final tournaments, single match or national team matches.
My betting experience, which stretches from the early 2000s until now, has taken me through all sorts of experiences and feelings when it comes to sports betting. With nostalgia and years of experience behind me, I still remember my friends from the corner of the block, who came after a weekend full of matches, with the pile of tickets and said to me disappointed: “I didn't get this ticket a match… Here I only lost the tennis match… What more can I say ?! They equalized in the last phase… ”And so on.

This negative experience of losing in a single match, 'invited' me to a much more comfortable game system, and much more profitable in the long run. TICKET CHANCE! And I decided to share this project with you. I don't usually play tickets much, but this system has proven to be a profitable one for tickets. However, keep in mind that I give you prematch matches good hours before, I play them 30 minutes before the first match and there were many occasions when I found out just before the match the last injured players or a sudden change of weather, aspects that can makes major differences.
The advantage that this game system offers is the fact that, although when you place your bet you are convinced that the choices made are the best, it leaves you a margin of error. A margin of error that in the long run will be a 'bonus' to the wallet. And another important thing that the CHANCE TICKET offers is the excessive stopping to use Cash Oout. More and more 'extended ticket' bettors (5-7-10 events per ticket) after 3-4 predictions have come out are already thinking of closing the ticket. Well, why would you put it on if after a few good predictions you get greedy for the amount offered by closing the ticket? But that's not what I'm talking about when I refer to Cash Ouț, but about that fear of not losing in 1 single match! With the TICKET CHANCE you will be much calmer about the money you bet! Some of you bet modest amounts, a few tens of lei. Others bet a little 'harder' And the amounts amount to thousands and tens of thousands of lei. And then you really don't care when you're with thousands of RON in the hole or saving a few thousand.

What exactly does the CHANGE TICKET mean?

This ticket will consist of 3 or 4 events, depending on the offer of matches for that day. The events that will be included on the ticket will be only football matches. THE CHANCE TICKET, as its name suggests, will give you the opportunity to lose ONE MATCH ON THE TICKET! Mia exactly, you have the chance to recover some of the money if an event is chosen less inspired. Thus, if the CHANCE TICKET will consist of 3 events, we will go on a SYSTEM 2 out of 3, and if the CHANCE TICKET will consist of 4 events, we will go on a SYSTEM 3 out of 4.

SYSTEM 2 of 3

This system involves 3 pots from which we make a total of 3 tickets according to the 1-2 / 1-3 / 2-3 scheme. We will bet 30 units each time on each of the 3 variants, a total of 90 units. A unit can be 1 Leu, 10 Lei or 1000 Euro, you decide. Let's take an average odds on the prognosis of 1.5 for each of the 3 tips. So if all 3 come out we will have 3xPROFIT according to the formula 3X30 * 1.5 * 1.5-30 = 37.5 units on each ticket. The profit is the product between the stake and the 2 odds from which we deduct the stake. So if all 3 come out we have a PROFIT of 112.5 units. If only 2 matches come out we will have only one winning ticket, it will have a profit of 37.5 from which we subtract the other 2 bets lost in a total value of 60. So we will have a minus of -22.5, if only one in 3 or none we have total damage, -90 units.

SYSTEM 3 of 4

We will go on the same idea as for the 2/3 system, only this time we have 4 variants and the stake will be 20 units for each variant. The scheme is 1-2-3 / 1-2-4 / 1-3-4 / 2-3-4. At odds of 1.5 each prediction we will have 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5 a total odds of 3.375. The possible profit being 47.5 units per ticket. Thus in case of success we will have 4X47.5 = 190 units. If a match does not come out, only a ticket with a profit of 47.5 units will come out. The recorded loss being 47.5-60 = -12.5. The total damage will be -80 units. The minus seems smaller than 2/3 and the gain higher, but let's not forget the risk! We have an extra match, don't just look for numbers. Follow the statistics to see the profitability of this project. And keep in mind, we draw the line every few months, not weekly or daily !!!
Most events will be football, various championships or competitions. These will be carefully selected and analyzed. Each event on the ticket will have a relevant description of the duel between the two teams involved in the match. Of course, we will argue as convincingly as possible why we chose that bet. The chosen bets will be diversified and will include tips on Final Result, Goals, Handicap, Half, Corners, etc.

We wish you a LOT OF BAPTISM! And if so far you have been pursued by the curse "I DIDN'T GET A SINGLE MATCH", the TICKET CHANCE comes to your aid to calm your emotions in your wallet and to increase your percentage of profit in sports betting!